A Journey of Words

      I don’t like sad stories. Everyone carries enough sadness. My own sadness has been crippling, and I desperately want the pain to end. But I can’t stop trying. To end my life would be to relieve my own suffering by placing it on the shoulders of those who love me. I refuse to give my pain to anyone else.  I refuse to die without this struggle having been worth anything.  So I am determined to make this journey end happily. For you, but also for me. 

      My life’s journey has already felt too long. Too many miles of trudging through pain. Each day I walk the proverbial mile, and each day I think about sitting down.

But I have to find a way to keep walking, and to do so, I cannot feel that these miles are walked in place any more. There must be a point on the horizon.  There must be a goal, a destination to reach, a future in which I will be healthy.

      They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This post is the first step in a new journey of words. I am going to write myself well.