I have said that Treasure Island is a place of dreams. In truth, my depression has extinguished much of my ability to dream.  Still, whispers of hope do find their way to me. Some of these whispers have led me to this island.  Hope is the treasure to be found here.  Safety and healing are buried in these sands.  This is a safe space for the depressed and those who love them.

In stolen moments, I have dreamt that I could form a community on this island. If people stumbled across it and could relate to pieces of my experience, I hoped that they might feel emboldened enough to say something about their own in the commentary.  I even dared to dream that we might help each other to find a better future.

I am generally not so full of optimism. This may be a terrible idea. I don’t know that I have anything new to say. That said, I know that many depressed people don’t have access to group or even individual therapy.  Many lack community and family support. I know that people can come to feel isolated and invisible in their pain. I certainly have in the past. This little island is a place to feel less alone. It is a place to feel heard. Please send me your thoughts, your ideas, and your questions. Write essays in the comment section! This is not a battle that we can fight by ourselves.