Jillian Finley

It seems at times that my illness engulfs me; I am no longer a person outside of my depression.  Still, I am a person who desperately desires to create something positive. I want to make things a little less awful for other people.  Perhaps, that is the only thing about me that matters.

As for Treasure Island, it is a place of dreams.  It is a space for me to lay down my dearest hopes for the future, for myself and for all of my readers. The name brings the imagination to life. The depressed mind in particular needs to be reminded how to dream, and Treasure Island conjures imagery that is filled with color and excitement.  Imagination and creativity is crucial not only in combating depression, but also in fighting for a better world. We desperately need to create a world in which the stigma of mental illness has been forgotten.

Treasure Island is also a safe space, because I read the book in the evenings with my husband, and he is my safety.  I wish to share that safety with others who are not so lucky as to have a strong enough support system.  I want to be a friend to my readers.  Please know that this is a safe community.  I look forward to your comments on my posts, and I hope that you might also send me your thoughts. I want this site to reflect many minds and experiences, not just my own.